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Cut-shapes of yellows and reds

Are Springing from long-silent beds;

And bell-shapes of lavender hue

Intending the spirit to woo

Are opening slowly to view.


While nodding in fields of new grass,

And blooming in beauty to last

For only the briefest of hours,

Sweet tulips! Your rainbow of flowers

Has brightened this landscape of ours.


~Amanda Barrickman

Every year, around April, the City of Hamura in Tokyo, Japan hold its annual Tulip Festival.  Nearly 400 thousand tulip bulbs representing  approximately 20 different varieties are planted as an aftercrop at the Negami-mae Suiden rice paddies, making it as one of the largest tulip field in the Kanto region. In full bloom, the field appears like a giant and colourful patchwork quilt covering the land.