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Infanta is one of the oldest towns in Quezon Province, Philippines.  It is located 144 kilometers northeast of Manila, and 136 kilometers north of Lucena City.  It lies along the coast of the Pacific Ocean facing the island municipalities of Polillio.  It straddles a portion of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Infanta is accessible from Manila through a picturesque route around the laketowns of Rizal, on to the adjoining towns of Laguna. A refreshing vehicular climb up the mountains greets the traveler. Travel to Infanta from Quezon City & Manila only takes about 3 to 4 hours. Buses and private vans plying the Manila-Infanta route and vice-versa can be found at Sta. Teresita, off Legarda Street, Sampaloc Manila. Both transportation services have daily round the clock trips.